Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday`s moments

This last Monday, was my last working Monday... The last, but not the least...
What I loved:
  • having a different breakfast then on other mornings (because we didn`t go to the supermarket)
  • taking a nice morningwalk from the train station to work and NOT slipping
  • crossing a lot off of my to-do list
  • feeling that I made a difference in a clients life
  • seeing a client smile after a lot of sad words before
  • having fantastic potato league soup for lunch (because we were out of bread and forgot to go buy some)
  • receiving unexpected kisses from a work relation 
  • being brought home after getting stuck on the train because of an accident (thank you Annemie!)
  • coming home to a lovely man who had a lovely dinner ready
  • taking a hot shower and getting into a warm bed
This monday deffinitely had it`s moments... I`ll miss mondays like this...

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