Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where were we?

Oh right, in Montanita Ecuador.
This tourist/hippie beach town didn't feel like the rest of the country
and was somewhat of a strange place...

But we enjoyed it!
We walked on the beach,
stayed in a hotel that stank like the river that ran by it,
ate delicious and cheap veggie set lunches,
stayed in a hotel that had no water,
went window shopping in the cute hippie stores,
people watched (and boy there were things to see!),
watched the Olympics on the giant screens in the fancy restaurants
and got drunk off our free cocktails with dinner.

The people watching was the best!


  1. Ja dat is geweldig hé, mensen kijken! Hun gedragingen, tics observeren .... daar zou ik graag bij willen zijn.


    1. Ja super!!! Ik had je er graag bij gehad!! Met een lekker vers fruitsapje... mmmm!