Wednesday, December 26, 2012

''Take your daughter to work'' day

My favorite things of my half day at moekes kindergarden classroom:

* seeing little people wresstle in and out their wintercoats

* hearing ''juf, juf, juuuuf, juf, juuuf'' (means teacher) 500 times in 5 minutes in tiny squeely voices

* being called ''juf'' as well :)

* feeling proud of my moeke for being an awesome teacher

* seeing the proud little helper of the day blow out the candles, change the calander and put away the waterbottles

* eating apples because wednesday is fruitday and have moeke pointing out that they should choose their pieces of apple with their eyes and not their hands (and being thankful for that rule :) )

 * the whole playground time (and this gets a different section)
~ the little boy playing a cow the whole duration of the playing time
~ the little girl letting us know that her friends cloves had dissapeared in her jacket
~ the little boy asking us at least 3 times if he could go fetch the ball in numerous obscure places
~ the 10 times little people told on eachother
~ the boy that declared two times it wasn't him that hit a girl in the stomach

* the little songs they sing for every little ritual
* the boy with the big head and the big eyes, telling me I am really sweet

* and last but not least... the big tears of the little boy dropping his handcrafted clay angel just before his dad arrived to pick him up :(

Can I come with you again next week moeke?


  1. Dat is zeker, altijd welkom!

    1. :) maar misschien niet direct na de Kerstvakantie dan zijn ze wild en moet je ze terug een beetje opvoeden :)

    2. Katrien, je moet er alle seizoenen in meegemaakt hebben voor je weet of het je echt ligt! en dat is eigenlijk met alles zo... ;o)

  2. Fantastic! My favorites are #s 3 and 4. And the cow-boy.

  3. :) The cow-boy was pretty awesome indeed :)