Monday, January 28, 2013

My fortune...

On a misty day
in November of last year,
in the lovely Monterey, California,
I spent a dollar
and got me my fortune told
by a pirate...
The pirate and me.

This is what he told me:
I see a great deal of happiness in store for you.
You will recieve a letter soon,
and that letter can easily be said
to change the whole course of your life.
You deserve this happiness
because you have been so faithful
and sincere in your love.
However, if you wish to continue to be happy,
you'll have to learn not to be too trustworthy.
Avoid the flatterers and be a little more careful
in choosing your friends.

I am still waiting for that letter,
because so far, all I got were bills...
But what I hear in the pirates message:
if you are sincere, loving and righteous
in your realtionships
good things will come to you
and happiness (big or small) is in your life.
I haven't always been righteous or loving,
have made my mistakes
and have hurt wonderful people.
I have my regrets and pains.
I trusted,
 got my trust betrayed
and betrayed other people's trust.
 I learned and will continue to learn.
So, letter or no letter,
I can change the course of my life
and make it a happy and wonderful one.
And trust is a tricky thing...
but I would rather trust blindly then have no trust at all!

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