Sunday, March 31, 2013

A lovely Easter weekend

Saturday morning we have cold fingers
as our walk in to town lingers
while I stop at almost each door
my fascination grows more and more.
All is grey and stone and brick...
except for these that give a colour kick...
Awesome retrolicious doorknobs!
 The market gives us colours, cheese and tea
and a chocolate Easter egg... for free!

 Then there was this store of antiques
full to the roof with uniques...
That is where I must have stained my dress
kneeling down to take these pictues in the mess.

Sunday the dress was all well and fixed
with a bunch of stain removers that my mom mixed.
Just in time to get to the core of Easter celebration...
enough chocolate eggs to feed a whole nation!

Oh! And isn't it funny...
right before Easter along came this bunny!

Fluffy, the neighbour's bunny,
is staying with us for a week.


  1. I'm happy to read that because you have a great smile!
    I miss you!!!