Saturday, June 8, 2013

Zimmer frei?

Awesome insecthotel, made by roommate!
My roommate made this one a few weeks back,
that was the first time it came on my track...
These insecthotels are pretty smart
and just pieces of art!
There still are a lot of free rooms,
maybe for some brides and grooms?
I will soon be on my way
and in the most awesome hotel, I will stay...
''Zimmer frei?'' bij Sterre, Tim and Sigrid?
I am so ready for it!

Insecthotel from ''De Hoev'' in Zonhoven
Insecthotel from ''De Hoev'' in Zonhoven



  1. better bring your sunglasses! ;) 30° up here! looking forward to it! sigrid

    1. Woohoow! Good weather! Even better :)
      Ik kijk er ook enorm naar uit Sigrid!!!! xxx