Sunday, October 20, 2013

Belgium has the world

What I love about living in this homeland
is that so many cultures are close at hand.
Last weekend I was just here...
but in an Iranian atmosphere.
My friend cooked me a delicious exotic meal,
just like that, no big deal.
Then we went shopping for Iranian goods
where we met more people with foreign roots.
Travelling but staying right here,
thank you for the culture exchange Iranian friend in Lier!

Delicious salad!
I love that they have that standard
with every meal.
The complete meal: rice with beans,
salad and egg thing called
''kookoo sabzi'' and... see below: 

Crusty burned rice... on purpose!
Because it is awesome to have a bit of crunch! 

Iranian flower/plant!
One of the delicious things we bought!
Dessert... and it is...
one of the best things I ever had!
AND it comes in a beautiful box!
Be warned, next time you invite me over,
this is what I will bring as my gift ;).

And ending with some interesting tasting Iranian tea...
Cups and plates empty... belly's full and happy!


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