Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This last day rules!

Sad because of a year that ends?
This only depends...
on how you look at things and what you see...
This day already rules, check off this list with me:
* the best music of the year...
Thank you for ''De Tijdloze'', StuBru dear!
* fighting sheep as I drive by,
the cutest thing, my oh my!
* my own mother making a sex-joke
am I dreaming? Someone give me a poke!
* little, bundled up children singing their songs
from the top of their tiny longs
* feathers for in my hair
I will look fancy no matter what else I wear!
* me on my bike winning a race with a big ass truck
ok, maybe the traffic jam was my luck
* two top ladies to have some dinner with
I admit, I am in love with them a bit...
* I get to go dance dance dance
me and my feathers are grateful for that chance!
Today is the very last day of 2013
and I refuse to think of the shit I have seen.
It was one hell of a year
but leaves me without fear.
Because something good was in every day
so I will celebrate if I may!
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