Monday, April 7, 2014

Put to the test - Day three in France

My third day in France
was a difficult act of balance...
between ignoring my pains, going full force
and showing me and my foot some remorse. 

My company looked at my swollen, red ancle and me
with concerned faces that showed fear and sympathy.
I follwed their advice and took a day of rest,
but this really put my stubborn ego to the test.
"Tevreden zijn en lang te leven, is wat 't pijpke u kan geven" - in the chalet.
Cranky and disappointed I tried to make the best of the day
and looking back at it, it was more then Okay!
I went sledging of a hill and watched skiers come down,
and tried to spot the cutest skier in town.

Man, that was fun!
My company's ski-pass

Turns out that not only men with guitars and/or backpacks are hot to me...
skiers and snowboarders also awaken some sort of fantasy.

Going down!!
Gorgeous tracks.

I really had to cool down, so rolled around in the snow in my “summer gear”,

Not really flattering, but so you get the idea...

after a fantastic yoga session in the most amazing atmosphere.

... with a view.

In the evening I made "The Plan":
Fuck my foot, Oh yes I can!

I will walk and be free!!! - this pic made me think of you Ro...


  1. You stubborn? ... no wayyy :) But you are as a 'snow angel' playing on the mountain ;)

  2. Jammer van de pijnlijke voeten. Goed dat je er toch nog het beste van maakte! Ik nomineerde je trouwens voor een Liebster Award.

    1. Dag beste Gerlinde! Heel erg bedankt voor de nominatie! Ik ga daar zeker iets mee doen, van zodra dat in mijn planning past :).
      Super leuk trouwens dat je mijn blogje een beetje volgt en dank je wel voor je berichtje!