Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sending and receiving

I love mail!
The good old fashioned letter...
the good old fashioned postcard!
I enjoyed writing postcards while I was travelling,
but of course couldn't really receive
Except for the lovely cards from my Moeke
when I was living in the yoga retreat and Curacao,
and the sweet cards to my Belgian address from Karen
who just kept writing even when I was away.
Those cards where read and shown to me over skype
by that same Moeke.
Thank you to those two lovely ladies!
So, I promised myself.
once I am back in one spot,
I will keep writing
and receiving
Next to the occasional card to friends and family
there is Postcrossing
I am loving it!
Not much is more exciting then
checking the mailbox
and seeing something in there
very specially just for you...
Bills just don't give you that same thrill :).
The first postcard I received,
from Stefan
from Germany.
I love it!


  1. This is so funny that you posted this, because I was waiting for you to move into your place to ask you your address so I could send YOU a postcard for a change! Speaking of which...could you message me your address? :)

    1. :) that's really sweet of you! Check your facebook mail...
      Much love!