Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Travelling full speed!

The travelling is going fast...
Here some images from days 5 to 7...

Day 5: Bikaner
Visit to Ford Junaragh,
the former gorgeous palace from the Maharadja from Bikaner.

Detail inside Ford Junaragh
Before entering Fort Junaragh

Visit to the Rat Temple...
Rats are sacred here
and it is believed to bring good luck
if a rat runs over your (of course bare) feet.

Can you spot the rats?

They are fed well, so they don't bite off your toes.

Kissing the hallway wall... 
Day 6: Bikaner - Jaisalmer
Stopped by a brick factory on the way...

The burntower
A little boy that lives
and probably works there

Camel Tattoo at the desert festival.

Day 7: Jaisalmer
Desert festival

Walk through town

And then I didn't mention
the Camel race,
the cultural program from the desert festival,
our camel ride
our visit to a silver smid
the millions of tiny shops
our visit to a deserted and destroyed desert village
and a million more images and pictures,
on film and in my head...


  1. WOW! Such beautiful pictures! You could work for National Geographic, really! I'm so happy for you Katrien that you are traveling and seeing all the beautiful pockets of the world. And India! Isn't it incredible! You are missed and loved chica!

    1. Thank you dearest Michaela!
      India is AMAZING!!!! I have thought about you a lot here and still have dreams of us meeting up here one day... i am definitely coming back here :)
      Much love and hope you are well!!!