Monday, September 2, 2013

Making jam is international business

My first time was in Lier,
and I started with a little bit of fear...
But with some help and good advice,
you could ask me to do it twice!
I got a big load of red berries from
my brother in law's parents. Thank you!
It was very tempting to start
feet-smashing them...
But I will keep that for a trip to
France and grapes one day :).
The result!
Pretty proud of it!

Then I was in Greece with my dear friend
and gave her a little hand
in picking fresh figs right of the tree...
(eating figs so fresh was the first time for me!)
We ate until we could no more...
Figs that fresh? Not in the store!
With the rest she made delicious jam,
the way I think only Maria can!
Half of what we picked... it was hard to stop :).
Picking and eating while picking :).

What a beautiful fruit!
The process...
... the result!


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