Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bon -first- jour!

Last Sunday, bright and early
I dressed more adventurous, less girly...
There were paths to walk and mountains to see
and the purest air to fill my lungs with glee. 
While my lovely company went skiing way up there
I was left with the possibility to go anywhere...
My boots led the way 
to one hell of a perfect first France day...

Location of my first magical winterstay in France: Pelvoux, Le Sarret

Streets of Le Sarret. For you Va!
Streets of Le Sarret.

Still seems like a big ass amount of snow to me, apperently, this is not much!

... and to look at a clothesline from up top
Still enough snow to go skiing...

On the streets of Le Sarret
On the streets of Le Sarret

On the streets of Le Sarret.
Le Sarret
Shadows on a wall in Le Sarret.

Self portret
Le Sarret
The smallest member of the company.

Follow up on where else these shoes took me in France! Next blog...

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