Saturday, March 8, 2014

When a card speaks to you...

This week, a card was passed my way
that left me without words to say.
It said "Thank you", some sweet words and showed a rose...
It soon became clear that it was the card that chose
me as the reciever of the message
of this beautiful passage:

The card from a cool series of  "Story Cards" and flowers from Me to Me!

Tao of Sleeping Beauty

After having slept many years,
Sleeping Beauty wakes up.
She looks around, 
but doesn,'t see anyone that would want to save her.
She falls back asleep.
Years pass and one day, 
she wakes up again.
She looks to her left and her right, 
gazes behind and above her...
But there isn't anyone...
No Prince, no Squire and no Gardener with a hedge trimmer.
Sleeping Beauty lies down again and goes back to sleep.
Eventually, she wakes up for the third time.
She opens her eyes,
but again: there is no one there.
She says to herself:
"Well F***, that's enough!"
She rises and is free!*

* Translation by me... No it doesn't really say the F-word :)

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