Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Portland, you have been great!

What to say about our time in Portland?
A lot of THANK YOU's come to my mind..

  • Thank you brotha Noel for so many things: you were a great taxi driver, an even greater host and such good company! Thank you for guiding us to amazing foods and various growth experiences ;-).
  • Thank you Barb for your delicious food and your wonderful support...
  • Thank you rainy weather for reminding me of my homeland.
  • Thank you Havices for the warm and welcome home and the cozy evenings together.
  • Thank you Melvis for your enthousiasm.
  • Thank you baby Rio for your smiles and cheers. Your lovely 10 months old spirit reminded me of that other 10 months old spirit that I love so much...
  • Thank you Steve and Susie for the fun time out and that unique experience of a Portland Croquet Social.
  • Thank you awsome vintage shops for those unique finds.
  • And thank you amazing nature for showing me what really matters...


  1. Thanks for a great visit Katrien! I loved having you both in the City of Roses and am a little confused as to why we're not going for a hike tomorrow. Oh yeah, you're traveling on. That's the way it has to be. Enjoy your next adventures, and we'll look forward to some more somewhere on down the road!

    1. Damn... My first respond didn't stick! and it was such a clever one.
      Ok let's try again!

      We felt the same way! We felt like we were real Portlandiers and had such a great time! We look forward to some more of these times too... and while we are looking forward we have this time to fondly look back at...