Saturday, March 31, 2012

Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruzing...

Half Moon Bay (reflective window)

We spent this week in Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.
I don't have a lot of pictures of the places, because I spent too much time enjoying the wonderful company we met and hung out with!
Thank you Cheryl and Carl, Alicia, Megan and you four wonderful girls Caitlin, Jen, Sam and Katy!
I had so much fun and you are all golden stars!

Talking about stars...
  • I saw my very first "ocher star" (zeester),
  • drove an automatic for the first time,
  • ate my first "kumquat",
  • learned about sharks who make little bags to lay their eggs in (also called "mermaid purses" and Tim actually found one washed out on the shore),
  • bought my first painting kit (got to have something meditative to do during my two months yoga retreat that's coming up),
  • had burritos for dinner two evenings in a row for the first time,  
  • said ''no'' to buying a wonderful pair of second hand boots and
  • talked to a stranger in the lighthouse hostel with just a little bit of blushing instead of a lot.
Beautiful Coral on beach

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