Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring in Victoria

Our last day in Victoria, Canada...
What a nice town... Tough competition with Settle though...
The town is a mixture between a lot of Britishness
 and Native American tribal stuff...
What I loved the most were the cute and vintage shops (yes, I'm a girl)
and SPRING in town!!!

Spring in Victoria: Cherry blossoms!

I'm loving the travelling!


  1. Wauw brilliant, but because my geography is not that good, i've maid a wee map with dates on it to see yer travelling plan (ok in a non stalker way) it's just great while reading your short notes i remember the days when everything in an area was new and fresh and i know it's amazing and it puts life in perspective. The world is a beautifull place k'gaan stoppen want mijn reacties zijn soms langer dan je posts hihi.

  2. That's great! Great to hear that you are following it!
    It's great getting amazed everyday by new places and people! I'm enjoying it very much!!!

    Geen probleem! Ik vind het super dat je mijn blogje volgt en nog superder dat je je reactie achterlaat!!!