Saturday, May 19, 2012

Himalayan Fair

Live Oak Park, a mile walk from
Downtown Berkeley BART Station.

Today I visited the ''Himalayan Fair'' in Live Oak Park, Berkeley.
This is what I got out of it:

* great food and a heavenly mango lassi
* sunschine!
* a beautiful park with a great atmosphere
* kind smiles
* being surrounded by colourful and super sweet people
* listening to the familiar chants (familiar from hearing them in the ashram I stayed at last month)
* looking (only looking, no buying!) at pretty things
* selfpride because I took BART (the metrosystem) all by myself, found the place AND my way back... all by myself!
* a little bit of a sad feeling... because days like these are better when shared with someone you love...

Pretty things for sale.


  1. Perfect picture! Are you bringing your Ganesh next week? He can help us find days like that to share.

    1. My Ganesh is always with me! He helps me concur all obsticles! NEXT WEEK!!!! Yes! we can start overcoming obsticles together now!