Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Life in the City

I am enjoying living the city life...
Today, the girl next to me on the bus, was really surprised when I took out a city map... She totally thought I was a local!

So I am comfortable here and am enjoying finding my way (and actually finding my way) and meeting up with awsome people (like tonight at the sushi place, thank you guys, it was so cozy!).

Buuuut... The city has a lot of sadness and sometimes makes my heart ache and my belly ''twirl''...
There are a lot of people in need, people with really difficult lifes, people crying out...

Like the young guy desperately screaming in the middle of the street
Detail of newspaper box @ Daly City BART station.
''Does anyone here has anything to say about jobs in America? Because it is fucked up and I have none....''.
Or the ghost looking couple, holding hands, with a sad, distant look in their eyes telling me...
''Miss, we both lost our jobs...''.
Or the guy in the wheel chair asking me for money and when I told him ''Sorry...'', he said...
''No worries, I am home, would be worse if I was in Germany, I am right at home...''.
Or the woman dancing around half naked next to the BART station, shouting
''Anyone wants to try this...?''
Or the guy, pulling at the handles of the little newspaper boxes you find on the street, shouting in fear:
"They don't seem to figure it out, why can't they figure it out?''


  1. sad but true, in het stedelijke milieu valt de armoede en de wijze waarop mensen hiermee trachten om te gaan harder op dan op het platteland en zeker in Amerika waar je nog echt platteland hebt tov ons klein Belgenland

    1. Ja, das waar... en hier in Amerika is het heel duidelijk dat er geen systeem is voor mensen in moeilijkheden... Heel pijnlijk...