Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Feeding a massive beast

Also on my list
and something I've missed...
being overseas...
where I could not have one of these:
a birthday party or celebration
at my private location!
I decided quick,
did not have a date to pick...
The weekend before my day,
I asked some people over ''to come and play''.
Saturday was dinner with friends
and Sunday it was all female family hands,
handing me such sweet gifts and cards
and reaching for my pastry hearts.
All weekend I was preparing and cooking
while the neighbors were looking...
They thought I was planning a big feast,
or feeding some kind of massive beast.
I enjoyed all of it and loved to host
some of the people I love the most!
Maybe next year you will be there too
so I can make some food for you!
For the afternoon drinks,
I made 5 types of dips.
This is the walnut-pesto
in preparation.
For the High Tea around noon,
I made some sweets and
some sandwiches
with homemade fillings.
The cutest kid from next-door
helped me with the mini pancakes.

For the High Tea:
some ''Lierse vlaaikes''
and some heart pastries with homemade jam from red berries,
with chocolate and with cinnamon and raisins.

The mini pancakes with strawberries and honey from my roommates bees!

The coolest kid from next-door making us a drawing
(on my self-made chalk board).

A little bit of a blurry picture,
but wanted to show:
I used Moe's (grandma)
teacups and plates...
So she was there with us a little...
Sangria with fresh fruit.
Maybe not the best idea
with all those pregnant
or breastfeeding cousins,
but my aunts (and I) enjoyed it! 


  1. Wow! What a treat. I hope I am fortunate to be your dinner guest one day! :)

    I miss you Katrien! Nice to see all your beautiful pictures! <3 M

    1. Oh dearest Michaela! I would feel honored to have you as my dinner guest!!!!! I miss you too lovely, amazing you! You are locked in my heart! I am writing soon!
      Thank you for checking in :)
      Much love!