Thursday, August 8, 2013

Meter and Ella's day of fun!

The day is done
and it was one full of fun!
Just me and little she...
I was as proud as can be,
walking, talking, playing around...
and this is what I found:
she's even more precious then I was told...
Ella, you are made of gold!
Stars for breakfast
Eating a fresh picked berry
watering the tomato plants,
saying HI to the chickens,
picking little tomatoes and
harvesting a courgette...

On ''Meter and Ella's day of fun'', she gest to eat
cookies... all of them!
We read our books,
drank our tea and juice,
listened to the church bells
and cuddled...
in the beautiful library garden.

The playground!
So much to see...
... so much to do!

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Watching the ducks
and having a snack...
Wisely lefts early
before they could attack...


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