Thursday, August 15, 2013

Greek hospitality

My first few days, living with the Greek
were freakin' unique!
I was welcomed warmly, in temperature and hospitality
by the cutest little and big family.
Yorgos, Maria and Ermis
the three of you, I will miss
when I wonder around Thessaloniki some more
and spend hours in a Greek supermarket-store.
Delicious food and history talks,
beach visits and city walks.
A visit to grandma's vintage store
and those lovely buttons I got to score.
Picking fresh figs and making jam
and meeting the entire lovely fam. . 
I loved it all, every piece
thank you for showing me your lovely Greece!
Beautiful Ermis
In the garden
of the gorgeous family home

The gorgeous family home!
The beach Pereia:
warm, clean water,
comfy seats, great company,
a cold drink and beautiful people

... fresh and delicious grapes to pick
and eat!
Detail from the garden.
There were olive trees, fig trees,
chickens, tomato and pepper plants

Delicious veggi food
Maria's grandma made us.
The veggi's in the garden...
The fig trees were down the road,
more about those in a next post!

Another beach view...
The symbol of Thessaloniki...
More about the city in a next post!


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