Sunday, April 15, 2012

Free as a bird!

Saturday I got to ''break free''.
I needed it! It got to the point where I was kind of feeling nervous about being around unknown people again...
That's what I get when I'm in the house for too long...

I felt as free as a bird
 when I walked down the drivewaw,
on to the street.

Because I like lists, and I'm not a great writer (especially not in English) I'm going to give you a list of my favorite and/or weirdest highlights of the day.
  • The big, mentally disabled guy that (at first) scared the hell out of me. He started walking towards me with his black eye and dark clothes and asked me all kinds of questions.... He kept staring back at me on the bus... but then just let go... Fiew.
  • The man pointing at me and shouting ''You are the pure definition of beauty!''... Of course I turned as red as a tomato and I wasn't sure if that just made my day or made me more afraid of people...
  • Culture shock: the Californian blondes in Macy's: perfectly shaped, perfectly blonde, all the same looking and all getting make up smeared all over their faces... Man, I really felt like I didn't belog there, so I ran... I'll find my laptopsleeve somewhere else!
  • The waitress in the sushi place I went for lunch... She took extra good care of me because I was there by myself. With all of my concentration and attention I could actually understand what she was saying! (I have trouble with understanding accents in English.)
  • The strawberry the gave me as a treat after my sushi meal... It was the best strawberry I ever had!
  • Finding yoga pants I really liked, which are actually long enough. And having the shopkeeper say... Oh and today, everything is 50% off.
  • The woman on the bus talking to herself about the 3-berry pie she brought on the bus and how the previous one she had with her was an apricot pie. Nope, she wasn't talking to the driver or the person next to her.
  • Having the button for the crossinglights pushed for me by a dancing Micky Mouse who was advertising cheap haircuts.
  • Almost getting run over by the bus I had just gotten off from at that same crossing.
  • Sitting on a bench,
    with the sun on my face
     and a forbidden beverage in my hand.
  • Having great Mexican food for dinner with an awsome new friend.
  • Meeting more awsome people at a cool art gallery with awsome live music.
  • Having a lovely email to read from my amazing guy just before I went to bed.

    Oh and did I mention: spotting the Peanut-caracters
    and getting excited by the Snoopy's.

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