Monday, April 23, 2012

What can you pack in one sunday?

Beautiful Xylem clothing,
made out of Soy fiber and organic cotton.
From Eugene, Oregon.
You can pack:
- a delicious granola breakfast in the warm morning sun, looking out over the mountains
- a super fun and cozy ride into THE city (thank you Arun!)
- the amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge disappearing in the mist
- an interesting Earthday market/festival/happening with somewhat strange vibes and energies
The Xylem booth with the lovely Mariha.

- 8 hours of work in a cute booth with beautiful AND organieco-    friendly clothes (check it out on
- meeting awsome and interesting new people it was so nice getting to know you Mariha and Bri!)
- meeting strange and kind of creepy people
- a narly sunburn and a tiredness I haven't felt in a looooong time
- an angel of a friend showing up when you most want her to (thank you so much QA...)
There was a lot happening on the market, including funny bikes...
 This is my favorite detail from one of the bikes.
They are made in Santa Rosa, the town I'm staying in.

- a delicious dinner cooked by three sweethearts of guys (thank you Ed, Murph and Tim!)
- and a welcome shower and a heavenly bed

It was an interesting sunday, it was a good sunday!


  1. moeke,
    amai veel nieuwe mensen leren kennen?
    Het ziet er een leuk kraam uit, heb je daar geholpen?

    1. Ja, nieuwe mensen leren kennen gebeurd hier zowat constant! Dat is echt wel leuk! Er zijn een paar hele interessante mensen bij en bijna allemaal super aardig! Er zijn wel specialekes tussen hoor :)
      Het was een heel leuk kraam! Daar heb ik de hele dag in gewerkt ja! Ik kan nu betalingen doorgeven met een kaart en weet hoeveel de verkoopstaksen zijn die je er nog moet bijrekenen (7.25 %).
      Het waren mooie en zalig aanvoelende kleren. Niet volledig mijn stijl, maar super mooi.

  2. Gorgeous day! (Except for the sunburn...) And three cheers for them San Franciscans! (Those fella's can cook? Who knew?)

    1. Deffinitely a lovely day!
      And those San Franciscans know how to throw a dinner part! A salad AND dressing, garlic bread, delicious and light lasagna and 'asperguese'! I was in heaven!