Sunday, March 31, 2013

A lovely Easter weekend

Saturday morning we have cold fingers
as our walk in to town lingers
while I stop at almost each door
my fascination grows more and more.
All is grey and stone and brick...
except for these that give a colour kick...
Awesome retrolicious doorknobs!
 The market gives us colours, cheese and tea
and a chocolate Easter egg... for free!

 Then there was this store of antiques
full to the roof with uniques...
That is where I must have stained my dress
kneeling down to take these pictues in the mess.

Sunday the dress was all well and fixed
with a bunch of stain removers that my mom mixed.
Just in time to get to the core of Easter celebration...
enough chocolate eggs to feed a whole nation!

Oh! And isn't it funny...
right before Easter along came this bunny!

Fluffy, the neighbour's bunny,
is staying with us for a week.

Friday, March 29, 2013

More treasures!

Buttons from Liljan!
Thank you Liljan !
I can not begin to say,
how blessed I was today!
A friend just let me know:
''I have some buttons I want to show''.
She opened boxes full of treasure after treaure
going through them gave me so much pleasure!
I walked out with a bag full of little things that make me smile
and will keep me busy crafting for a while!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Treasure shopping

I would say
thriftshopping takes my breath away.
From ''Opnieuw en Co'' in Lier.
But that would not be fair
to all the treasures I find elsewhere...
From all around, from Lier Belgium,
to Richmond California.
Foreign country shopping gives me an extra thrill
although limiting to my suitcase's capacity takes a strong will.
Indian papier mache pot,
card from market in Amsterdam.
Nepali stars.
And then there are treasures from family and friends
things I am happy to take off their hands.
A groovy old school Easter deco-egg
from my awesome moeke.
So it will be more honest to state
that ''Treasure shopping'' and I regularly date.
Treasure from thrift shopping.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Friday, March 22, 2013

Still on a roll

10 days ago,
I left India.
7 days ago,
I left Amsterdam.
I am here.
And I AM here.
Let that be clear.
My body is and my mind
and so is my heart, most of the time.
And although today I am stationary
and I don't have a travel itinerary...
I still feel on a roll,
like I have no controll.
My emotions move from place to place
like they are lost in a maze.
I am growing and I go back,
not always on track.
Travelling comes in different forms,
I am still travelling.
How about that?
Not sleeping in dorms,
but just in my own bed.
Bike in Amsterdam

Monday, March 11, 2013

Out with a blast!

I am leaving India in a couple of hours
and it feels wrong...

Hasn't this trip just started?
How can it be over already?

Maybe I still can't grasp and understand 
all of the incredible things I saw.
And maybe I am just not ready to say goodbye
to all of the wonderful people that won a place in my heart...

THE Taj Mahal...
It was surreal,
seeing it with my own eyes.

On Ganges in Varanassi...
Goodbye Incredible India!

At Taj Mahal

How can you not
 fall in love with this country?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Bazars and temples

From Jaisalmer 
to Jodhpur
to Udaipur
to Pushkar...

Enjoying the busy bazars
the tremendous temples
and the fantastic forts!


In Fort Merangharh

Jain temple