Monday, June 24, 2013

A warm welcome in Austria

I didn't just drive to Austria for the fun of it,
but most of all, to go see Tim and Sigrid.
It is there where they work, live and love
and do a great job in all of the above.
Plus, there is deffinitely no maybe,
they have a beautiful and happy new baby!
They welcomed me with open arms
in their home full of warmth and charms.
Thank you, dear friends, for a wonderful stay
I can't wait to be back over there one day!

Gorgeous sunlight in the guestroom
They brought nature inside
in a very creative way! So cool!

Living room wall-deco

Fresh picked flowers in guestroom
= awsome and warm welcome!
Brenches above kitchen table,
beautifully decorated...


A star is born! Sterre, you are adorable and it was very nice to meet you!
Only one of the many delicious meals
Sigrid made me!
Sweet potato
with veggies and sour cream.
How cool is this?
Mushrooms on the wall!
Real ones!
Because they are pretty and
because nature is awesome!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

BAM! Mountains!

So, last week it was me and my car
to go, for what I thought, was pretty far.
All and all it wasn't that bad
especially not after the amazing views I had!
All of a sudden they were there
mountains, mountains everywhere!
It is Austria I write about
a gorgeous place, without a doubt!
The "landscape-mode" on my camera was in full use
for all the beautiful greens and blues!







Thursday, June 13, 2013

Travelling toiletry

I can't wait to show you,
the amazing place I traveled to...
It was my car and I
and a million people passing by.
A full day I was behind the wheel...
I felt independant, proud, strong and real.
But...let's go a little back
to the moment where I had to pack...
I was excited to use this gift I got
from a person I love a lot...
This toiletry bag is hot shit
and everything just fits in it!
Thank you Tanja, for helping my toiletry travel in style!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Zimmer frei?

Awesome insecthotel, made by roommate!
My roommate made this one a few weeks back,
that was the first time it came on my track...
These insecthotels are pretty smart
and just pieces of art!
There still are a lot of free rooms,
maybe for some brides and grooms?
I will soon be on my way
and in the most awesome hotel, I will stay...
''Zimmer frei?'' bij Sterre, Tim and Sigrid?
I am so ready for it!

Insecthotel from ''De Hoev'' in Zonhoven
Insecthotel from ''De Hoev'' in Zonhoven


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Her path...

She can talk and tell's you what's in her book
and when you are not focussed, she mAkes you look.
She plays and dances and sings,
and cares about pretty things.
She laugs and cries
and very often you see ''naughty'' in het eyes.
She is a little person on her own
and yesterday we realized how much she has grown...
She turned the full two...
''How fast does it go?'' I ask you!
With her tiny green shoes and socks,
she runs, she jumps, she walks...
She walks a path that is hers only
but as long as I am here, she will never be lonely!
With her favorite birthday-card!
Her tiny green shoes...