My Want-To-Do-List

I always... REALLY, always, even when I'm travelling, have a TO DO list ready...
On my desk, in my diary, on my computer, ...
It takes things out of my head, on the paper, so my head is a lot calmer. It helps me remember and it gives me pleasure when I can cross things off.
Now I make one here...
Call it a bucket list, a wish list, a to do list, a want to do list, a dreams list, ...
When I can cross something off, I will tell the story. New things will come and... things might stay on there forever... Some are big, some are small, soma are scary, som are domb...

* go on a Vipassana retreat (basically be quiet, have no contact and meditate for 10 days)
* visit India
* take crazy pictures in a photoboot, with funny hats and glasses
* learn how to paint
* participate in Postcrossing (
* own a slide projector and make my own slides
* have a little online selfmade buttonring shop
* own a van/camper/mobile home with retro flower curtains, live and travel in it and feel free
* take my little goddaughter out on a full day of fun!
* throw a birthday party
* have a weeeeeeener dog as one of my best friends
* take a full course about Buddism and/or Mindfulness
* have/rent :) a walll in a house/apartment/studio with a giant map of the world and pick my next destination by pointing the finger after twirling around for 3 minutes...

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