Friday, August 30, 2013

The old part...

The gorgeous ''Ano Poli''
is the old part of Thessaloniki.
It deserves it's own post,
since it was such a good host!
Quiet, calm and authentic
in every street I took at least on pic.
Here is a small selection
of my Ano Poli collection.


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Friday, August 23, 2013

Black and white propaganda

I noticed a theme
in the things I've seen
on the streets in Thessaloniki city
something cool and sometimes witty;
Black and white posters on the wall
of buildings small and tall.
They caught my eye and kept popping up
and once I started taking pictures, I couldn't stop!


I sat there...
... and loved her!

Sorry... they are
a little aggressive
or depressing...
Quick, look at the cat again,
or the girl...

Yeah... this one is awesome :)


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What Thessaloniki is to me

On each and every wall graffiti,
sometimes dirty, but often pretty.
Dessert stores and bakeries on every corner
and an undecipherable language for a foreigner.
An awesome hostel with lovely peeps
and old Roman stuff, of which they have heaps.
Churches, catacombs and an arch,
towers and city wall remains, very large!
Two kisses when you meet,
free water and dessert (!) wherever you eat.
Free chips or sweets with your drink
and even more passionate talking then you would think.
Handsome dark men with big sunglasses
and gorgeous (very visible) legs on every women that passes.
Iced coffee plays a very big part
and you should see the museums of Modern Art.
They are a great escape from the blistering heat,
also the photography museum is neat.
Water and a port nearby...
Conclusion: Thessaloniki is FLY!

Roman Agora, circled by big apartment buildings. 

What would it be like living there?
In hallway of church by Rotonta...

Again: big apartment buildings in the modern part of town
and then just down, in front of them: Old Roman stuff.
Archeologists are still digging and searching.

Piece from Yang Yongliang in
the Museum of Contamporary Art.
Everywhere on the streets
Churches pop up...

Pictures from Chris Jordan
in the Museum of Photography.
At the port
Door, obviously :)

View from the boardwalk...
Too dirty to swim, but nice view!
Wall, next to my hostel

Lovely Greek sun!

So, this is what it looks like
when you order
a fresh orange juice...
Every house I was in, they had these
in a little cupboard or on a shelf.

One of many!



Thursday, August 15, 2013

Greek hospitality

My first few days, living with the Greek
were freakin' unique!
I was welcomed warmly, in temperature and hospitality
by the cutest little and big family.
Yorgos, Maria and Ermis
the three of you, I will miss
when I wonder around Thessaloniki some more
and spend hours in a Greek supermarket-store.
Delicious food and history talks,
beach visits and city walks.
A visit to grandma's vintage store
and those lovely buttons I got to score.
Picking fresh figs and making jam
and meeting the entire lovely fam. . 
I loved it all, every piece
thank you for showing me your lovely Greece!
Beautiful Ermis
In the garden
of the gorgeous family home

The gorgeous family home!
The beach Pereia:
warm, clean water,
comfy seats, great company,
a cold drink and beautiful people

... fresh and delicious grapes to pick
and eat!
Detail from the garden.
There were olive trees, fig trees,
chickens, tomato and pepper plants

Delicious veggi food
Maria's grandma made us.
The veggi's in the garden...
The fig trees were down the road,
more about those in a next post!

Another beach view...
The symbol of Thessaloniki...
More about the city in a next post!