Sunday, April 20, 2014

Where screeming feet and willpower meet – Day four in France

After a full day of rest the day before
I decided the fourth day would have walking in store.
We had taken the car up to a pretty spot
And I had promised myself: I will give all I’ve got
To get up there myself
So I took my shoes off the shelf 
The walk up

Not mine... but on the way
My spirit during the walk!

Enjoy? Yes, yes I will!
Every step I took my left foot screamed
But it didn’t feel so bad, or so it seemed
It went from worse to better to really bad
And then also my right foot went sad.


Not what you want to read when thursty!

But, just as in life, sometimes things hurt,
But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth
you “manning up” and biting through the pain,
That’s just part of life and yes; life’s insane.
Not only the destination was the prettiest sight
The way up there was beauty in all it’s might.
Thank you feet and power of will
I am enjoying the walk, even now still!

Almost there!

Walking in the sun
Walking towards the sun

Took the "elevator" up in the evening for some tea + pie = reward!

Snow and sky - plane and feet
Watching people come down

Monday, April 7, 2014

Put to the test - Day three in France

My third day in France
was a difficult act of balance...
between ignoring my pains, going full force
and showing me and my foot some remorse. 

My company looked at my swollen, red ancle and me
with concerned faces that showed fear and sympathy.
I follwed their advice and took a day of rest,
but this really put my stubborn ego to the test.
"Tevreden zijn en lang te leven, is wat 't pijpke u kan geven" - in the chalet.
Cranky and disappointed I tried to make the best of the day
and looking back at it, it was more then Okay!
I went sledging of a hill and watched skiers come down,
and tried to spot the cutest skier in town.

Man, that was fun!
My company's ski-pass

Turns out that not only men with guitars and/or backpacks are hot to me...
skiers and snowboarders also awaken some sort of fantasy.

Going down!!
Gorgeous tracks.

I really had to cool down, so rolled around in the snow in my “summer gear”,

Not really flattering, but so you get the idea...

after a fantastic yoga session in the most amazing atmosphere.

... with a view.

In the evening I made "The Plan":
Fuck my foot, Oh yes I can!

I will walk and be free!!! - this pic made me think of you Ro...

Thursday, April 3, 2014

How feet can scream - Day two in France

On day two in France,
I finally saw my chance:
to walk in these new shoes of mine,
I was feeling excited, ready for it and on cloud number nine!

The path... ready for me!

Sun, snow and shadow
Bright blue sky

Sure, that's about what I looked like ;)

Getting lost was part of it
and made the hike even a bigger hit.
With the (blistering) sun, (ice-cold) snow, unbelievable sights and ultrafresh air
I was nowhere else but… just there!

Wall deco on Valouise


After lunch by a church at the top,
it soon became clear, I needed to stop…
The cute adventure-shoe sales guy was right:
these shoes don’t just fit you overnight.
Walking them in (for 6 weeks!!!) is kind of the way to go.
No time for that, so after a 3 hour hike, my left foot was screaming "NO!"

Lunch spot with a view - and (chick)peas

I saw this church from far and knew: I will hike up there! And I did!

I got a ride back down and turned to a pack of ice...
Next read: how I made a walking trip with painful feet still super nice.

Saint Vincent - And this is where my trip stopped as well...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bon -first- jour!

Last Sunday, bright and early
I dressed more adventurous, less girly...
There were paths to walk and mountains to see
and the purest air to fill my lungs with glee. 
While my lovely company went skiing way up there
I was left with the possibility to go anywhere...
My boots led the way 
to one hell of a perfect first France day...

Location of my first magical winterstay in France: Pelvoux, Le Sarret

Streets of Le Sarret. For you Va!
Streets of Le Sarret.

Still seems like a big ass amount of snow to me, apperently, this is not much!

... and to look at a clothesline from up top
Still enough snow to go skiing...

On the streets of Le Sarret
On the streets of Le Sarret

On the streets of Le Sarret.
Le Sarret
Shadows on a wall in Le Sarret.

Self portret
Le Sarret
The smallest member of the company.

Follow up on where else these shoes took me in France! Next blog...