Sunday, June 3, 2012

Artful streets

One of the many graffiti arts
on the streets in Bogota.

On Friday, we went to MAMBO
(Museo de Arte Moderno en Bogota).
We got to see and listen to the French artist ''Orlan'',
who happened to be visiting.
and was giving a lecture about her work.
She was a piece of modern art herself...
She had a black and white ''Cruella De Vil''  kind of hairdo and tumorlooking implants on both sides of her head in the temple area.

This is art to me...
Wall and glass from the Bull-fighting arena in Bogota.

The streets of Bogota carry the best art though...
and it's free...
You just have to look around.
Which is sometimes hard to do when you are looking down and watching your step to avoid the big holes in the sidewalks or the giants heaps of dogpoo...

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