Friday, June 15, 2012

Missing a kitchen

Believe it or not...
I miss my own kitchen.
I miss cooking whatever I want, whenever I want!
I miss experimenting, getting the cookbook out...
Especially when visiting this
amazing fresh produce market in Villa De Leyva.

Most of all, I miss vegetarian food
whenever I want it.
Good vegetarian food... Healthy food.

And it hasn't been that bad yet. I really can't complain!
We've found some great places (Pekish and Casa Salud Natural in Villa de Leyva and a couple of Middle Eastern reataurants with delicious veggie options in Bogota).

It's bound to get a lot worse....
Veggie food wise that is...
It is supposed to not be that easy being         
a vegetarian in Ecuador (where we are flying to today!)

I will still be blessed with the most amazing experiences...
And... I will learn to be more openminded and flexible...
because that is just how you survive while travelling,
 especially while travelling as a vegetarian...


  1. Flexible spine, flexible mind! Way to embrace the challenge! :)

    Great market shots. I like being able to see your and Tim's perspectives on your travels. Dishes with same ingredients but different spices.

  2. Thank you Noel, for stopping by AND for the much appreciated compliments!
    ''Dishes with same ingredients but different spices.'', awsome way to put it!!!