Friday, June 15, 2012

NOT missing a kitchen...

I enjoyed NOT having my own kitchen... at least yesterday (and the day before).
I had the most delicious ''Menu del Dia'' at ''Quinoa and Amaranto'', a veggie place in Bogota.

A fresh juice, soup, a main dish and a little dessert.
All delicious. all vegetarian, all fresh (but of all I was not quite sure what they were) and all for the price of 6 dollars...

That restaurant,
the amazing street arts,
the street full of buttunstores we just descovered on our last day (!!!!!)
and the fantastic Botero museum
would all be good reasons for me to stay in Bogota!

But I think I can move on... right?
Oh man, but look at that food!

Wednesday's soup: ''calabacin'' and amaranto on top.

Wednesday's main dish: lentil burgers with bell pepper,
a salad with carrots, radishes and who knows what
and brown rice with almonds.

Wednesday's dessert: guajaba fruit puree.


  1. Send it to me!!! + note to myself: eat before reading K + T's blogs (de laatste tijd toch ;-p)

    i'm gonna make something with lentils... but it won't be as good as yer main menu ...

    Wat is Amaranto het lijkt lijnzaad achtig, maar ik kan verkeerd zijn..

    En geniet nog maar zoveel je kan van de vele eetmomenten!!!

    1. :) ziet er goed uit he!
      Mmmm. lentils!!! So good! Enjoy!
      Dank je wel lieve Marian!