Friday, June 29, 2012

Tim and Katrien in Quito

After the lovely Mindo,
Tim and Katrien came back to Quito.

Tim and Katrien are having a wonderful time,
walking around the city, meeting wonderful people, ...
They planned a trip to the Amazon for the weekend...

Tim got sick,
Katrien cooked them a healthy meal.

Tim felt better,
they rescheduled their jungle adventure.

Tim and Katrien are enjoying their extra weekend time in Quito.

Katrien loves the veggie restaurants they discovered in ''New Town'',
Tim is spending some time on his fabulous writing.

Tim and Katrien are loving Quito.

Tim and Katrien are loving each other.


  1. Is dat jullie profiel in die spiegel? Kan het niet zo goed zien.