Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm only happy when it... snows!

It snowed today! A lot!
The world became so much more beautiful and it got me all excited!
Not that I don't want to go jump around in it and make snowangels... But: I find myself so much more relaxed driving home on a day like this... Weird?
For me there is just less stress, less wishing that everyone would get out of the way, that they would drive faster or get off the road so I could have it all to myself.
I just enjoyed everything going slow, because there is now way going faster. And everything is so pretty!
I wanted to wave to everyone and smile and shout: "This is great, right!". I felt connected with all the people around me, like we were all sharing this amazing thing. I'm pretty sure not everyone feels this way...
I'm so grateful that I got snow and really cold temperatures before I leave...
It will be hard to imagine it being this cold in a few weeks when we are in warmer areas!
Thank you Belgian weather!