Friday, March 9, 2012

Nice to settle in Seattle

Even though it was just for a couple of days... I felt settled in Seattle. I felt comfortable there and I loved it!
From the place we where staying in, to the people we met and the food we had!

This is what I ♥ about Seattle:

♥ the Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup)
  • ♥ our little artstudio
  • ♥ all the little notes from the owners of the studio all around the building.
  • ♥ how I feel so welcome in the building.
  • ♥ the mattress in the art studio!
  • ♥ Pike Place market and the flying fish (although, as a vegetarian I would have liked it more when they would be throwing broccoli and carrots around I reckon)
  • ♥ the eye for detail that the city has
  • ♥ hanging out in 'Cherry street cafe' and journaling with a chai latte
  • ♥ the little shops (just for looking, because somewhat pricey) 
  • ♥ the asian supermarket and all the unrecognizable foods
  • ♥ dinner at the Japanese place, because it was delicious
  • ♥ dinner at the Japanese place, because of the wonderful company of two talented and nice people
  • ♥ Seattle!

♥ gum ball street, but was also a little grossed out by it...
♥ Pike Place market
♥ chai latte at Cherry street cafe


  1. jakkes is dat allemaal tuttefrut?

    1. Jep! Allemaal gekauwde tuttefrut! Inderdaad een beetje vies!