Friday, August 17, 2012

Where do we sleep?

On Monday, these chairs were empty...
When we arrived Friday evening there were no free seats...
and no free rooms in any of the hotels in Canoa.

 We weren't informed about the holiday weekend.
And Canoa was all booked up.
''No hay habitaciones'' signs everywhere.

Thank god, a lady saw us walking down the street in despair
and asked us if we needed a room.
"It's not luxurious..." she said.
No... it wasn't.
It was a little shack in the backyard of a house.
And it broke my heart that people have to live like this.
But we had a bed (sort of) and a roof above our head (sort of).
So we took it.

When the weekend was over
and the Ecuadorians went back home,
the hotels opened up,
and we got ourselves a room
and a bathroom (halleluja).

We enjoyed Canoa,
its lovely beaches
and all the great Spanish food
we seemed to keep encountering.

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