Saturday, October 27, 2012

A date...

He and I
went on a date!
And that doesn't happen a lot.
We are either miles apart,
travelling together
or sharing a tiny 1-person apartment.
So this was new...
and exciting!
First came dinner,
he shared his fries with me.

 Then came a walk
and a little boat ride
(just to get across the other side of the water)
but when we ''ignored'' all the tourists and commuters...
it was pretty romantic.
Then we saw a movie...
''Moonrise Kingdom''
and he warmed my freezing feet
from the fierce air conditioning.
We didn't feel like going home yet...
so got tea and talked until we couldn't talk no more.

Before we went home,
we finally drank our teas,
(they make them so hot, you have to leave them for an hour)
said goodbye
and went home together.
I think I like him
I hope he asks me out again :)

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