Saturday, December 15, 2012

Life and it's lessons

On 12-12-'12, the world didn't die, but (without being too dramatic), mine did a little bit.
I got on three planes, in two cars and on two trains and every vehicle took me further away from the foreign countries, the different continent and...

While waiting for my second plane, I noticed I was missing an earring...
I retraced my steps,
went back to the gate I came out from,
asked the sweet gate keeper guy,
he checked the plane for me,
called the plane cleaners and wrote my name down, just in case...
but it was gone.
My favorite pair.

I cried...
But not for those earrings.

I left that earring in America, just as I left him there.
My other earring doesn't feel complete without the other one.
Just as I don't feel intirely complete without him...

But... I dried my tears, washed my face and started thinking of creative things to do with that gorgeous solo earring.
Just as I will find fun and creative ways to spend my time and be me, without him here.

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