Sunday, July 7, 2013

Welcome and goodbye, little one!

When I step outside I'm glowing...
because things in the garden are growing!
For nature, I take a deep bow,
because I find it magical how
out of something so small
come the yunmmiest things of all.

I'm new to real deal gardening,
it's my roommate who is the garden-king...
But a sweet dear friend...
one day gave me a little strawberryplant.
A little strawberry was born
so colourful red and with the prettiest form.
It was so exciting to see
but then my roommate warned me...
I should pick and eat it as a snack
otherwise birds would do it behind my back...
Turns out birds aren't the ones to watch out for
it was the little boy from next door :)

Isn't he (she?) perfect? 
Still empty so far...

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