Sunday, January 5, 2014

Little owl

A little owl lives in my sister's belly,
she grows like the speed of a car in a rally.
This fact alone,
puts my sister on a throne!
But then I got this adorable card
and clear became MY part...
Er staat geschreven:
''Ik weet nog niet zo veel
want ik ben nog mar klein.
Maar van 1 vraag ben ik zeker:
Zou jij mijn meter willen zijn?''
Not only is this little owl my niece,
she will be my third godchild, if I please.
Yes, yes I do, and with so much love!
Of being a godmother, I can't get enough!
I already dream
of the three of us eating cookies and ice cream,
of taking all three to the zoo
and of spending time alone, just me and you!
Little owl, good luck growing...
and YOU, I'm looking forward knowing!
Having Stan fall asleep
while holding him
was like scoring the winning goal
in a finale of a Championship.
I have no idea what that feels like,
but it must feel superb! 
 ''One last Bumba show''.
She kept crying and I had to run upstairs
to cry a little too.
I'm not the educative kind
of godmother... :)


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