Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The ideal Birthday party

must have:

1. Delicious, somewhat strange and over the top food         
Ice cream sandwich!

 2. Fun games and a birthday boy
Birthday Boy Ed playing
He has deffiniteky
the best style!

3. QA's baked goods! 
Homemade applepie.

4. Awsome people, new friends, sunshine and a park

QA, I love this picture of you!

5. More ice cream then you can handle

And I tried all of them!

6. More awsome people and BUBBLES!

Murph blows the
best bubbles!

7. More fun and games!


 8. An easy clean up and a lot of leftover food

You just eat your
waffle icecream
 cup and it's gone :).

Somehow I got to 8...
Could that have anything to do with the 8-fold path
of Astanga yoga I just learned about?


  1. hahahahaha I think you're onto something. The 8-fold path to Enlightenment was previously lacking in something...something dairy.

    And I love that picture of Ed throwing. Very sorry I wasn't there, but very happy you got to be.

    1. :)
      It was really awsome to be there and we had fun! But we missed you there!

  2. It looks like Murph really does blow the best bubbles, that's awesome. Glad you're totally ruling the entire Bay Area! Great macro work as always.