Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Resting can be fun!

So my cure is to rest and relax! I realize I am pretty lucky!
My day consisted of:

~ a 50 min yoga session all by myself and for myself (pretty proud of it)
~ a delicious big breakfast and a great conversation
~ a wonderful walk in the parc with the sweetest dog and the best view

Cooper and San Francisco

~ a delicious ''pecan sticky bun''
~ a super cute store and lots of time to walk around in it
~ a second super cute yarn store with... a wonderfull button selection and lots of time to look, choose, plan, look again, ...   I have some more rings to make!

QA in yarn store

~ a trip to the supermarket to get just what I need: fruit, granola and yoghourt and some veggies for dinner
~ a nap :)
~ wonderful and sweet emails of the sweetest friends and family who give me their love and support
~ an easy to cook but delicious and healthy dinner for and with a great friend
~ a little tray of granola for dessert and my crafty stuff to end the day in peace...

Thank you Quynh-An for a lovely, relaxing and fun day!



  1. Hey Katrien, I was so sorry to hear of your illness! There is just really nothing fun about that - except you certainly seem to be embracing it and using the energy there for a transformative experience. Nice work Aikidoka!

    It seems like you've found a good place to rest, and good to see you're still shooting even in your weakened state. :) Best wishes for continued recovery!

    1. Thank you Noel! What a sweet note! It made me smile and warmed my heart!