Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yes! Yoga!

Gentle Yoga,
and soon maybe even Tai Chi...
And what is that ''Buddha Bodi'' course?
I'm getting a taste of it all
in the cute little yoga studio
where I signed up for a month.
This afternoon I think I will go for...
My Ganesh keeps me company
when I practise on my yoga mat at home...


  1. That sounds awesome Katrien! I am going to some yoga classes in the bay area soon I'm excited about as well. I had a dream about you last night that you came to my birthday adventure bus and showed up with a bunch of beautiful shells and you were crying from missing the people you had just been with on your previous adventure. I gave you the biggest hug! It was a good dream :) Have fun at Vinyasa!

    1. Michaela! What an aweseome dream!
      Your birthday adventure bus? Is that really going to happen? When is your birthday? I forgot or never knew...
      If your birthday is coming up... somewhere in nevember... That you dreamt this could be kind of freaky and propfetic... Not quite sure, I'll stay in touch and keep you posted!
      Your yoga classes were in Santa Cruz, right? Enjoy and have fun!
      I miss you and wish for that big hug!!!