Monday, February 11, 2013

Something I regret...

Last weekend
I did something I hadn't done in years
I, of course, did not take a picture,
but here's one from the market in
Villa De Leyva, Colombia
I went somewhere I normally never go
A place of horror to me...

I went to the butcher...

I wanted to get my troops ready to help with my moving
and my dad always goes to the dead-animals-store on sunday
so I did it for him, so he'd be ready earlier...

The smell,
the pinkness and redness
the smell
the luckily empty meatchunckhooks
the smell
the knifes and slicers
the smell
the horrible names on my list (f.e. smoked horsemeat...)
the smell

I felt sick
had tears in my eyes
and almost threw up...

Never again...

But thank you vake for helping me move :)

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