Thursday, February 14, 2013

The ring of F...abric

It was fun, it was a blast,
it was easy and fast...
Some rings of fabric on the wall.
and it's the prettiest wall of them all :).

Want to make some too?
All you need is:
- embroider-ring(s)
- some pieces of fabric
- nail and hammer
- a wall
- maybe some old frames?
All you do is:
- for the embroider-rings:
tighten the fabric in the rings
and cut the fabric off at the edge
hang up :)
- for the frames:
put the fabric in the frame,
push the back of the frame in
and cut of the fabric at the edge
hang up :)
Have fun and enjoy the view!
A little idea from the awesome and inspiring
Dutch magazine ''101 Woonideeen''
(''101 Living ideas''),
March 2010

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