Thursday, April 3, 2014

How feet can scream - Day two in France

On day two in France,
I finally saw my chance:
to walk in these new shoes of mine,
I was feeling excited, ready for it and on cloud number nine!

The path... ready for me!

Sun, snow and shadow
Bright blue sky

Sure, that's about what I looked like ;)

Getting lost was part of it
and made the hike even a bigger hit.
With the (blistering) sun, (ice-cold) snow, unbelievable sights and ultrafresh air
I was nowhere else but… just there!

Wall deco on Valouise


After lunch by a church at the top,
it soon became clear, I needed to stop…
The cute adventure-shoe sales guy was right:
these shoes don’t just fit you overnight.
Walking them in (for 6 weeks!!!) is kind of the way to go.
No time for that, so after a 3 hour hike, my left foot was screaming "NO!"

Lunch spot with a view - and (chick)peas

I saw this church from far and knew: I will hike up there! And I did!

I got a ride back down and turned to a pack of ice...
Next read: how I made a walking trip with painful feet still super nice.

Saint Vincent - And this is where my trip stopped as well...

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