Sunday, April 20, 2014

Where screeming feet and willpower meet – Day four in France

After a full day of rest the day before
I decided the fourth day would have walking in store.
We had taken the car up to a pretty spot
And I had promised myself: I will give all I’ve got
To get up there myself
So I took my shoes off the shelf 
The walk up

Not mine... but on the way
My spirit during the walk!

Enjoy? Yes, yes I will!
Every step I took my left foot screamed
But it didn’t feel so bad, or so it seemed
It went from worse to better to really bad
And then also my right foot went sad.


Not what you want to read when thursty!

But, just as in life, sometimes things hurt,
But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth
you “manning up” and biting through the pain,
That’s just part of life and yes; life’s insane.
Not only the destination was the prettiest sight
The way up there was beauty in all it’s might.
Thank you feet and power of will
I am enjoying the walk, even now still!

Almost there!

Walking in the sun
Walking towards the sun

Took the "elevator" up in the evening for some tea + pie = reward!

Snow and sky - plane and feet
Watching people come down

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