Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy V-day

Happy day of Valentine!
Today, no flowers and I won't romantically dine.
No "great love" at my door
and making love on the kitchen floor*.
That does not mean this day is hard...
advantage number 1 = I don't have to hold in my fart!

 No serious: "Love" I don't lack
not now, not when I look forward, nor when I look back**.
Besides, Love is too big to fit in one day
Big and confusing, that I can say.

Confusing and incomprehensible,
fantastic and utterly sensible***.
Love has levels the tallest buildings don't reach
it's something you feel, not something you teach.
Love to you, may mean something different to me...
But in all... I try to let it be (even the smalles little bit of) Love I see.
In (mostly) all people, actions, animals and things
and trying just th├át...  gives you wings!

Flirting bikes - Udaipur, India
Detail Hindu Temple, India

Love! - Playas los Frailes, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

Moe and Va...
... grew old together.

Just enjoying eachothers company - Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Double Open Door= Love, Den Bril, Lier
Male affection - Varanasi, India

:) - Seattle

Hinid, sounds like "la" - Jaipur, India
Couple - Istanbul, Turkey

Where all Love starts - Message in Hotel, Varanasi, India

A tree=Love - Canoa, Ecuador
Sun+shade=Love, Willemstad, Curacao

* Moeke, vake, zus en huisgenoot: ik doe zo'n dingen niet hoor, dat rijmt alleen zo lekker ;)
** OK, when I look back as far as puberty, I felt unloved.
But that's just part of that life-stage's process
*** "Sensible" as in sensitive, delicate and tender not as in wise or rational... not that at all.

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