Sunday, February 9, 2014

(The number of) The Beast

This week(end) was a beast...
a real emo, party and "work like a mad women" feast...

Vincent Bilo kind of was the start of it all
as he read the news, all sexy and formal.
When the item "Skinny Puppy is not torture music" was brought up,
he made me laugh, I could not stop!
Serieus bussiness, no doubt about that,
but it was because of what and how he said:
"666, the number of the beast"...
 Aweome kick off for my weekend, to say the least.

The Beast of Burden, Moe and Va's donkey, Fien.
A beast of a storm,
an umbrella torn.
Widely-spread muscular male windowcleaners everywhere:
I failed the command "Do not stare".
Killer meetings in more hours then I had,
not enough time in my warm and soft bed.
A movie that makes you laugh and then shoke
because it's actually sad, not really a joke.
Two hospital-visits on one "heavy metal day"
but this time, I got to hold The New Born and heard that my health is okay!
Heart to heart talks and too much wine as red as blood.
If emotions were water, my bucket would flood.
"Out on the town" with two ladies as hot as fire...
Men gave us loud growls and eyes full of desire.

I only see one remedy to deal with this devil:
fight it on it's own level.
Instead of yoga tonight,
or getting into a bar fight...
I will just let my hair down and put this on repeat
Beast: acknowledge your defeat!

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