Saturday, July 28, 2012


I've got my beach time!

Sign in the one restaurant in Playas
that could cook up something vegetarian...
And it was gooooooood!

Bienvenidos a Playas!
Last week, we arrived here...

These fishermen boats were parked
on the beach in large numbers.
The smell of fish was in the air.

Playas is the favorite vacation destination for 
the lower-middle class Ecuadorians.
We did a lot of this:

Wonderful walks on the beach.
I love feeling the sand between my toes! 

And found these:

dead jellyfish :(

Garbage :(

More pretty dead things :(

So to comfort ourselves after seeing
the garbage and the dead things...
We got this:

Mmmmmm, even better when shared with a loved one!

And went and watched these in town:

Incredible creatures!
There was a tree full of them!
Watch out when they pee!


  1. mijn eerste gedachte was: welk beest is dat! (dat ijsje)